Imagine...for a your group (parents, employees, attendees) a reason to stop and think about financial education in a completely different way.

Imagine your audience engaged, having fun, full of energy, joining in the conversation with me and others in the room.

elisabeth donatiImage your participants coming up to you after the program telling you how much fun they had, how much they enjoyed the presentation, how profoundly different it was and SHE DOESN'T USE POWERPOINT!

This is just a little glimpse of what you'll get when you ask Elisabeth to come speak with your group. She doesn't just 'do' a presentation, she'll engage your group in a conversation they'll talk about for hours, days or even years to come.

Isn't this the type of experience you're trying to create?

Elisabeth is an expert in accelerated learning, teaching kids and adults the basic money skills they need to thrive in today's world and tomorrow's economy. She believes that it's a person's individual responsibility to creative their own economy and she coaches people to just that every day.

"Elisabeth Donati did a fantastic job when she trained our Cooperative Extension Fied Agents. They not only learned how to present Camp Millionaire but they learned valuable presentation skills that can be applied to all their presentations. Their programming has greatly improved. One agent starting music with the financial classes she teaches at the prison and said the inmates are now much more engaged in what she is teaching." Celia Hayhoe, Ph.D., CFP(r), Family Financial Management Specialist, Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Here's just a few ideas of what she could present to your group. And if you're interested, she can help do a fundraiser by giving your organization a percentage of any sales of Creative Wealth program and products. She loves giving back and making a difference.

Presentation Suggestions:

  • The Three Keys to Raising Money-Savvy Adults
  • Making Financial Education Fun & Effective!
  • Winning The Money Game! Teaching Kids to Win The Game Before They Leave Home Without You.
  • The Female Sex and Money: The differences and why you must understand how to use them as an advantage to create financial peace and security.
  • Celebrating Women & Wealth: Women's Natural Genius for Wealth
  • Money: Why Thinking Makes it So.
  • Financial Freedom: Your recipe for a life worth remembering.
  • Financial Freedom: Your recipe for a life worth remembering.
  • See it, Say it, Write it Down: The Three Simple Steps to Magically Creating a Dream Worth Living.
  • From Powerpoint to Powerful: How to Make Any Presentation Sizzle!

Additional topics and titles can be customized for your audience.

“Elisabeth has an innate ability to sense what an audience needs as well as what they would enjoy. She will leave your attendees with a feeling of empowerment in regard to money, children and the future.” ~ Michael Hoffman, Heart Communications.


Short presentations to local groups/meetings: Free or honorarium or donation to nonprofit accepted

Customized presentations to larger groups: $250-$2500/day plus expenses (depending on time frame and number of attendees)

Private, customized Creative Wealth Programs for Kids,Teens, couples, Coeds, Women and Mixed Gender:

If you’re looking for something not only different, but something that will MAKE a difference, then Creative Wealth’s financial education events are your answer. We will customize a unique programs for you and your family, business or organization (for any age group, participant size or time frame).

  • Private School programs (summer, spring break, vacations, weekend)
  • Private Family Programs/Reunions (10 kids minimum)
  • Corporate programs for adults (20 adults minimum)
  • Special groups: parent/teen, newlywed, retired, mother/daughter, father/son, all female, all male, grandparents/grandchild, foster care, children's community service organizations.
  • Conference and tradeshow options (How cool is is when attendees bring their kids?)

"Elisabeth, word on the street was you all had a great time! I spoke to one attendee in the hallway here and she said she had a blast. Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule and making it down. We really appreciated your participation." ~ David Baker, County of San Diego

Note: I gave a lunch-time presentation on financial literacy for them during their yearly employee benefits meeting with 130 employees in attendance. The women in charge of the meeting told me, enthusiastically, that I was the first presenter ever to have ever kept their attention during lunch!

Participants in our programs rarely stop moving or laughing. They want to come back and do it again. Using lots of games (including our exclusive Money Game™), contests, activities and accelerated teaching methods to create an experiential learning environment where participants learn quicker, remember more and enjoy themselves more than they ever dreamed possible. Financial principles are taught in a playful, engaging manner for all age groups. Learning about money CAN be fun!

Fees: Custom program fees are determined on an individual basis.

“The most valuable thing I learned was to start saving early and to let the money do the work for you. It was SO much better than I expected and it was the most fun I’ve ever had while learning.” —Tiffany (teen attendee)

Let us create an event that changes lives for you!