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Financial Coaching with Elisabeth Donati

I’ve been teaching financial education programs and camps for kids, teens and adults since 2002…ever since I realized that no one taught ME about money when I was a child.

Financial coaching was a natural evolution from these youth programs. Every adult I meet says one of two things to me:

“I wish someone had taught ME about money when I was young.” 

“Do you have a program for adults?”

The idea of teaching kids about money came easily…I decided to create a financial camp to teach kids and teens (and their parents) all of the financial education information I never learned as a child. I knew the earlier we exposed kids to the world of money, the better prepared they would be to handle it wisely.

I have a passion for financial literacy education. I am committed to making a difference in the world by helping kids and adult learn how to have the money they need to take care of themselves and others while also teaching that them that life is simply what we make it up to be.

I do this in the context of financial education camps and games. Our Camp Millionaire and Moving Out! for Teens camps expose children and teens to the time-tested financial habits, thoughts, beliefs, and information they need to understand how to create financial freedom for themselves and be financially responsible with money. The Money Game, the proprietary financial game we developed to use in our programs and as a stand-alone curriculum is one of the best ways to expose anyone to the ins and out of personal money management.

elisabeth donatiThis work drives me and coaching, the natural offshoot of the larger group programs fulfills me in ways I can’t explain in words. I have worked with women and men from many parts of the world, helping them get a handle on their personal money situations and seeing them doing better financially feeds my soul.

If you’re looking for information on financial coaching for yourself or your family or highly unique and effective financial education programs for your children, please visit our Creative Wealth International website for more information.

Feel free to submit your requests, questions or comments directly to the Contact Page and feel free to browse around a bit to see if there’s someway we can make your life more fulfilling and enjoyable.

And always remember to Pay Yourself First!

elisabeth donati



“Elisabeth offers women clarity and a vision for their financial future. Her interactive approach keeps an otherwise heavy conversation, lite and inspiring.” ~ Renee Kische, Los Angeles Realtor and Women in Wealth Meetup Organizer.

“Thank you Elisabeth. I appreciate you so much. You are an inspiration to me and I am glad to know you. ~ Sincerely, Lola Peredes, Dos Pueblos High School Teacher and Creative Wealth Coach