Setting New Year's Goals

A New Approach to New Year’s

Questioning New Year’s Goals – 2018

I woke up this morning wanting to write a little article for you about New Year’s and my mind always goes to how to do it differently.

For those who really know me, you know I don’t like the status quo. I like to question everything we do as human beings and I enjoy encouraging others to do the same.

Questioning Everything is my motto and it’s one of the ideas I teach in our Moving Out! For Teens and while it always bites me in the tush for a few hours after I teach it (Elisabeth, why are we doing this or why are we learning that?), I love that it gets them to start asking questions instead of simply accepting what we expose them to.

Normally, New Year’s advise includes evaluating this year’s accomplishments, setting next year’s goals, and so on. It involves joining a health club, going on a diet, redoing your budget (or creating one in the first place) and so on.

Generally speaking, I find most New Year’s advise and actions to be ineffectual at best and a waste of valuable time. Why? Because the goals most people write down or profess to have aren’t laid on a solid foundation.

If this is the case, how else could we create New Year’s goals to move us forward in the areas of our lives we want to improve or change?

I’m so glad you asked!

Let’s go back to that ‘questioning’ thing. Many years ago I went to one of the many seminars I took to get really good at what I do (teach people about money and life) and the instructor had us fill in the following blank:

“I __________ therefore I am.”

My word, as you have probably guessed, was question. I question therefore I am.

This statement has driven me for years…it invites me to seriously look at what I’m doing, what I’m wanting for myself and what I’m willing to do each day in order to experience what I want.

I find that often I just ‘think’ I want something but when I head in that direction, I don’t have the energy, motivation or passion for whatever it is and that tells me that I must not want whatever it is badly enough or for the right reason.

In other words, that goal isn’t enough of a PRIORITY for me to continue ‘spending’ my life energy on it. And at almost 60 year old (April 17th in case you want to send me dark chocolate), I want to spend my energy on things that matter to me on entirely different levels of consciousness than when I was younger.

But enough about me…how can I help YOU step into the new year in a sweet way that supports and nurtures your being? Read on…

A New Approach to New Year’s

goal settingIn my many years of coaching and teaching others about money…kids, teens and mostly women…I have found that there is only one thing that drives us…

…and that is our value system.

For me, freedom, health and integrity seem to drive my life at this stage of the game. These value are the undercurrent of most things I choose for myself…from the foods that I eat, to the activities I do during the day, to the very core of my ‘beingness’ with myself and the rest of the world.

So my question to you is…

What are the core values that drive YOU right now, and keep in mind that what drives us can change over time as we travel life’s pathway.

When you have family to support, your priorities might be one thing but when children move out on their own (hopefully not to move back any time soon), what drives you shifts back to your own personal desires.

So, before you start writing down your 2018 New Year’s goals, I’d like to invite you to spend some introspective time nailing down your 2018 core values first. Once you have a handle on your values, THEN you can sit down and write out a few goals for yourself.

Here’s a list of 50 core values I found on the web. My suggestion is to get yourself a notebook and your favorite pen (you know the one) and say each value aloud to see how it feels to you. Read through the list below and when you get to a core value that really speaks to you, write it down in your notebook.

If this is the first time you’ve done this activity, you may find that you have a long list of values that seem important to you. I did a bit of research and the common theme was that less is more. One article suggested that we are generally driven but three main core values.

I took this information and narrowed mine down to the three above. The biggest question for me was answered when I decided that the value of integrity encompassed the value of truth. You may find that values you think drive you can be included in a broader value in order to narrow your list down.

For now, see if you can pick less than ten core values. Once you can do that, see if you can whittle that down to five and then to three. Once you have three, you can run your needs, wants, desires, dreams, priorities, etc. through the filter, so to speak, of those values to determine if you’re in line with your true self.

Note: As mentioned above, our core values can change so just keep that in mind as you traverse through your many years on the planet.

Creating Goals That Match Your Values

(You’re going to need your notebook and that pen again.)

NOW we’re finally ready to look at the new year being presented to us. A blank slate, an empty canvas on which to paint, color, draw, type the next 365 days.

My personal favorite question is, “What Do I Really Want?”

Ask yourself this same question. In your notebook, just start writing. Don’t critique or judge your goals or ideas…just write as much as you want. Don’t think about it too much YET. Just get it all out there.

Even if you write down ten years of goals, just get it down on paper so you have somewhere to begin. You can even create categories of goals: personal, family, business, community, global. Any way you want to do it that feels right for you is the way you should do it.

NOW, let’s hone down your goals

Take every goal that you wrote down and ask yourself these two questions:

1) Is it supported by one of my core values? (If yes, go to the next question. If no, cross it out.)
2) Do I want this _______ badly enough to do whatever it takes to accomplish it. (If yes, leave if on your list. If no, cross it out.)

Once you have a list that satisfies these two questions, you’re ready to work on the goals themselves and that’s a whole ‘nother article.

For now, I just want to invite you to look at goal setting and the New Year in a different way…a way that feels good to your true self.

Too often the things we do outwardly don’t match the things we want for ourselves inwardly. The closer in alignment we can make these two aspects of our lives, the happier and more satisfied we are.

OK, your turn. Go get a notebook and pen and see how it goes. Leave your comments in the box below. I can’t wait to hear how you’re doing.

And if you want some assistance, a little hand-holding, a little guidance getting a handle on this next year, give me a call. I’d love to lend a hand!

List of Core Values

Here is a list of 51 core values. You may have one that isn’t on the list. That’s perfectly perfect!

Inner Harmony
Meaningful Work

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Please leave your comments below and share the post with others. Thanks!

And remember…Pay Yourself First.

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