Positive thinking, powerful prayer, and raising your vibration. Is this how you’re going to create financial security? Without getting real with your money, none of this will make a difference. No zero’s will be added to your bank balance.

Until you acknowledge and accept where you are and where your money is, all the positive thought in the world has no place to land.

Without a foundation of reality, all you’re living on, really, is a lottery mentality. You’re waiting for fate to deliver a miracle, a magic spell, an inheritance without anyone you love having to die. Am I being harsh? You bet I am.

What is Getting Real with Your Money?

Getting real often takes a shoulder shaking, an attention-getting event, or hitting rock bottom.

We’re here to get you into reality BEFORE tragedy has to strike to get you to look at your financial situation. And, if you’ve already hit bottom or are in the midst of a crisis that is impacting your financial well-being, then you already know that it’s time to change course.

Question: How long are you willing to live on hope?

Most women avoid, hide, or pretend to be something they’re not when it comes to money. We either have too much or too little.

We don’t want to be judged based on our money status and yet we keep defining ourselves that way.

We hide what we make and we hide what we don’t make.

We avoid conversations (and sometimes entire relationships) based on our discomfort around money.

Often times, we avoid the conversation with those we love most. And if you don’t think this has an impact on your availability for intimacy, it’s only a matter of time before you find out you’re wrong.
Again. we know we’re being harsh. That’s because THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL.

How long will you operate at diminished power?

How long will you wait to live a full life?

Another month? A year? Two years? Five? Ten?

How much time do you have for this charade? Seriously.

We’re in the business of shining a light on your darkest, most vulnerable places and MONEY will almost always lead us there.

We’re not talking to you from some high horse, you have to know.

We’ve been there. We’ve lived many years with only half of us available for a responsible relationship with our money.

We know how exhausting it can be to make up for the part of you that’s not there. We’ve lived in avoidance, shame, guilt, delusion, hope, prayer, unworthiness, depression, fear, fog, paralysis… you name it. This is why we learned what we learned so that could get real ourselves and what creates our passion to help YOU get real.

It wasn’t until we looked in the mirror and, yes, GOT REAL with money that we started to find our financial footing, a solid ground, our creative selves, and our inherent resourcefulness.

The good news? EVERYONE can find financial freedom by getting real.

It starts with looking in the mirror and then at your bank statement.

(Everyone at Celebrating Women & Wealth inspires women to “get real” with their finances so they can live in freedom, have better relationships, enjoy their lives.)

This is different kind of financial advice column… alternative… how money mirrors to you what is going on in your life AND how what is going on in your life can be addressed, resolved, understood through money.

Money is so cool because it is something you can KNOW… it’s black and white… )

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