If you’re looking for different type of story; one with emotion, passion, a little edge to it to make your readers and listeners have to stop and think, I’m your girl.

I don’t believe it telling it like people want it to be told; I tell it like I see it. Interview with me are refreshing, insightful, inspiring, different. I like inviting people to think outside the box, even if just for a moment. I like to inspire people to think in different ways from what they’ve been conditioned to think. It’s fun and it wakes people up. Call me. I’ll get people to call YOU.

  • How parents can prepare their children so they will move out and be able to stay out!
  • The Three Things Parents Must Do To Prepare Their Kids to Move Out and Stay Out!
  • Why financial literacy isn’t taught in schools or at home and how to change this.
  • Why college is simply ‘a’ way, not ‘the’ way. Stop pressuring your kids and teach them about money and entrepreneurship instead.
  • Are allowances really necessary in order to raise money savvy adults?
  • You don’t have to be rolling in dough to teach your kids how to use it wisely.
  • Financial literacy programs abound. Why does Creative Wealth’s Camp Millionaire rank #1 when it comes to fun and effectiveness?
  • You say kids don’t need to be groomed for college to be successful. Doesn’t that go against every parent’s ultimate desire for their child?
  • You’ve been known to say there’s no such thing as a learning disability…only teaching disability. What exactly do you mean?
  • Teach them now or live with them later. It’s every parent’s choice.
  • Financial literacy…the one skill you don’t want to leave to chance.
  • Financial Responsibility…It’s Starts at Home.