Elisabeth’s commitment to financial literacy is amazing…one class at a time, she will educate America

Creative Wealth for Women attendee

Coaching with Elisabeth was a very straightforward matter: my relationship with all money matters had been very messed up for the last 25 years of my adult life. Elisabeth’s deadpan no-nonsense approach helped me face my money demons and emerge re-calibrated, understanding what real wealth means and equipped with a great set of tools to get going. Elisabeth’s coaching has taught me great new habits; however, more profoundly, it has been a journey that has changed the very essence of my ‘being’ in relation to all wealth matters to the extent that my ‘old’ me seems somewhere in the distant past already.

Daniel C,
Succes Calls Coaching client from the UK

The Money Camp has changed my thoughts, beliefs and actions. I learned so much… not only about financial literacy, but about myself! Thank you!

Christopher Waddell,
Creative Wealth Coach after attending our Train-the-Trainer workshop. The program was so powerful for Chris, he sent his aunt to the training the following year!

I’ll vouch for Creative Wealth’s teaching, as well.

I attended a train-the-trainer event with them last year, and had a chance to see what they’re doing and developing to effectively reach youth and adults. Amazing stuff that is a quantum leap over other curriculum and teaching methods. Impossible to be bored, even for teenagers with ‘tude. In addition, if any members are considering sending their kids, they should really consider going with them – they will also benefit tremendously from attending, and the first adult is free with student.

Chris Gerow
Operations Manager, Faith Based FCU
San Diego County’s only Low-Income, Community Development CU

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you. Many positive an powerful changes have been occurring since I started working with you. Thank you for your guidance, your support and your compassion. Much Love, N(icky)

Nicky L
Success Calls Coaching client from Santa Barbara

I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience!  It has changed my teaching forever.  I have tried many techniques from Quantum Teaching and it has been spectacular.  Also, I have started giving out Moola instead of stickers and have started talking about money with my class.

Have you ever seen excitement on a child’s face when they are grasping a concept or showing such confidence that they are willing to take endless risks in their learning?  Well, I am a fifth grade teacher and have been using the Quantum Teaching Method for three months in my classroom and see this reaction daily from my students.  My classroom climate has always been interactive and supportive, however the energy in my room, since using the Quantum teaching methods, has gone through the roof!  Students tell me that the “call backs” help them stay engaged, that they remember things that I have written on chart paper by thinking of the colors( A child even gave me colored chalk for Christmas), and giving context before content keeps them asking questions and seeking answers.  Also, they take ALL notes using webs or pictures with very few words.  The students have told me that they just remember more than before.

In addition to students remembering more, the students have learned how to be in charge of their own learning.  We talk often about being ready to learn, giving our best, and celebrating our learning.  We truly live by the motto “If it is worth learning, it’s worth celebrating!” The kids cheer for each other as well as for themselves and even me.

Today, we had a new student join our class.  I had the students introduce themselves and tell their new classmate about our classroom culture.  It was truly delightful to hear kids say our class is fun, safe to take risks, and a wonderful place to learn.  They also talked about the music we play in the classroom and how it helps them concentrate.

Quantum Teaching has changed my practice forever! Thank you.”

Note: we use accelerated learning techniques in all of our programs. It is not only our content that makes Camp Millionaire and Creative Wealth for Women unique and effective, it is our delivery method. There are hundreds of free financial literacy curriculums available but you get what you pay for. Most are boring, kids don’t remember the information and the concepts they teach are out dated. When kids leave Camp Millionaire or any Creative Wealth program they are deeply affected by the information and the experience transforms their lives forever.

Jodi Lemieux,
Creative Wealth Coach & 5th grade teacher in Maine

I just can’t get over how much you have truly changed the way I look at money in relation to my lifestyle and how I want to shape my future. I am so thankful I have been given this knowledge now at age 25 when I can really do something about it. Everytime I get an email from CWI, usually while I am working, I get an instant boost of energy and happiness that wasn’t there before.

Mary D
Success Calls Coaching Client

I’ve already used some of the dynamic presentation techniques in my class with immediate benefits!  And I was teaching French!  As for the content, the workshop was absolutely invaluable: Yes, it is OK to talk about money, yes anyone is capable of making smart decisions about money.  I will be financially free!

Laura Morrison
after attending our Creative Wealth Coach Train-the-Trainer Workshop

I made it through my first Camp Millionaire with great evaluations from the 17 5th graders that attended.  They wanted to know when I was going to have another one. Though I made $0 on this round because of a full page ad this got me across town with school district support, parent support, etc., so it wasn’t a loss, only an investment!

One of my most compelling moments was when one girl chose to read one of the money camp principles “Being broke is temporary, being poor is a state of mind”…the kids grew still and the expressions on their faces amazing.  I could see them realize that they was hope for change of conditions. We repeated it together and talked about it a bit.  Awesome moment.

What I loved most was their ability to make connections to our work and the principles.  They were constantly reading the signs (declarations and principles) that were hanging from palm trees around the room (became a wall-less classroom with 8 easels and palm trees. Set up is a drag, but great results for atmosphere).  The Money Game™ was so powerful with the realization that “assets feed you”.  I would HIGHLY support the co-teaching model and have begun to recruit at a local college to seek out a great assistant!

Creative Wealth Coach after her first Camp Millionaire

My Experience with Elisabeth has been amazing, beautiful, and full of energy.
Her passion for teaching women and children about money comes from her soul. Before I met Elisabeth, I had the typical knowledge of money, which is;
“Work hard, save your money, and stay with the same company/job because it’s safe.”

I had the mentality to play it safe, not take risks when it comes to money, and I always felt behind whether it was in finances or savings. She taught me how to save money wisely and to be wise about how money works.
It is energy, just like us.

Throughout the last six months I learned many wonderful skills and tools that helped shift my perspective on how to handle money, how it works, and how to make it work for me. Through her coaching I learned how to manage my seven jars of savings and watch them grow, how to enjoy my work with a new passion, and how to get creative-make time for me and and my passions. Time is money, how do you spend your time, I would ask myself. I learned to delegate my time in order to create a steady cash flow from the same cash flow I had before I took the course, making my money work for me. Through this experience I grew in my personal life as well. I applied what she taught about money to the rest of my life and feel I am a completely different
person than the one I was before I took this course and coaching. There were tears, there were growing pains, and there was laughter, lots of it-learning to laugh at my mistakes and learn from them. Now when I step into my coaching sessions with Elisabeth.

I do not need a box of tissues and am working on my business plan in the art industry. Next stop the Moon!!!

Elisabeth changed my life and for this I am so grateful. Go get em Tiger, call Elisabeth and work with her…what are you waiting for?

Drea S
Success Calls Coaching client

Hi Elisabeth, I am still on a ‘high’ from your 4 day intensive. You are amazing, Pamela is fantastic and it was good to meet Jason and see Anissa (spelling?) again.

The content was awesome, challenging and full of segments to grow my beliefs and attitudes. I found myself ‘moving’ so many things this morning! I moved my son from his bed….ultimately into my car….and off to school; mail reviewed and moved to its’ respective places, etc.

But most of all, I’m smiling from ear to ear….reflecting on the new bonds I’ve made and new things to practice for Money Camp and in my life personally.

Thanks again for everything, and I look forward to your response.

Saundra R. Anderson
Union Trust Mortgage Services

I just want to thank you for the wonderful opportunity to experience The Money Camp. I have been doing personal development seminars since I was 14 years old, but I never have they been so much fun. I am passionate about creating safe spaces for children to learn, grown and express themselves in ways that they are left empowered. After working for Saint Joseph Ballet (saintjosephballet.org) I came to graduate school to learn about how to transform the educational system, challenge the lack of opportunity, and investigate the adolescent voice and choice.

After nearly two years of learning about theory and past and current education institution and policies. I was discouraged about ever making an impact for the kids. My purpose has been revived and I am looking forward to spending the summer and beyond with you and the team

Sugely Chaidez
Creative Wealth Coach

Elisabeth and the Money Camp crew held an extremely enjoyable training program that touched upon way more than basic financial knowledge.  They also created an effective environment for becoming a great teacher, almost overnight!

Daniel Patak
Creative Wealth Coach after our Train-the-Trainer Workshop

The experience I had at your Money Camp Teacher Training was simply fabulous.  I never thought that such a wonderful program existed.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me.  I am so excited about sharing what I learned with others.  My prayer is that as a money coach, I will change the way consumers view money one person at a time.  I look forward to years and years of networking and learning with you.

Teacher Training Attendee

Thanks for presenting such important, necessary information in such an accessible, engaging way. I am very grateful for being invited to attend and must say that this is the first time I feel motivated to learn more about finance and investing and the first time I’ve been open to receiving such exposure. I feel like the timing was right for me and hope to help my clients grasp bits of what I’ve learned.

Kat Foley
Money Camp for Grownups attendee (before we changed the name)

Let us take this opportunity to Thank You So Much for the wonderful, educational, inspirational, phenomenal, and just plain great Money Camp Training this past weekend. We all gained soooo much from your wonderful wisdom. On Sunday morning I noticed our family drinking Holiday Inn coffee instead of Starbucks which they deemed “piddleycrap.” Some of us are already saving for a 3 play day family cruise to Mexico in January to celebrate Arlan & Naomi’s 65th Birthday. Hers January 9th, His January 5th both 1942. Everyone is more excited about their lives than ever!! You three really gave us an example of great teamwork!!! And we now have a Financial Plan For Our Lives which some of us were very vague about before the training.!! Thanks again for sharing your lives with us. You will never be forgotten!!!! Much love from all of us!!

The Gang at Tahoe, a private program we did for a family in Tahoe

I encourage anyone who feels that our society needs to completely change the way we learn about money, to attend a Money Camp or send a child to Money Camp.  The teacher training was one of the most enlightening seminars I have ever attended – and we learned SO much more than how to teach about money!  Great Job!

Susan Dupont
after attending our Creative Wealth Coach Train-the-Trainer Workshop

We all need to know this stuff – kids, grownups, working, retired.  And we need to DO it!  Money Camp is a phenomenal way to get started on the path to financial literacy and financial freedom.  And you will have fun doing it!

Consuelo Alcuaz
after attending our Creative Wealth Coach Train-the-Trainer Workshop

This Money Camp experience empowered me to take BIG steps toward my goal of becoming financially free – awesome, upbeat and POWERFUL!

Sandy Evans
after attending our Creative Wealth Coach Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Most money seminars are filled with facts & figures where people sit around like stoic bankers. Elisabeth brought passion to her presentation. She recognized that there are different modes of learning and involved the entire audience. Elisabeth made money come alive, fun and exciting.

Al (adult attendee)

I am incredibly grateful for the financial assistance I was given so that I could attend this program! The experience was very educational and very enlightening! I am very glad to have been lucky enough to be exposed to all the concepts and ideas at such an early age—it fills me with excitement and hope as opposed to apathy and dread when I think about my future financial situation.

Money Camp for Grownups attendee

I can’t even begin to tell you all how incredibly valuable this entire weekend has been. I have learned more in the last three days than I could have ever learned in all my years. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have prepared me for the way I choose to live the rest of my life. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this group, this weekend, right now! I will always remember this weekend for the rest of my life. Thanks a million!

Mary Derby
Creative Wealth for Women attendee

A light after a dark tunnel” …. I learned a lot and enjoyed it immensely through a very lively, colorful, emotional, supportive environment. I am looking forward to attending another reunion like this. Thank you a lot. Thanks for the scholarship too! I hope one day, very soon, to give it back in some way!

Terry Inglese
Creative Wealth for Women attendee

This was a wonderful introduction to money. How we need to first prepare our minds to receive and use money. We are worthy to have it. Not all rich people are unkind or uncaring. Asking for help and direction is OK. I loved all of the basic information on investing and how the interaction and activities made this work fun and memorable.

Sharon Jackson
Creative Wealth for Women attendee

Elisabeth, Pam, Donna, and the Creative Wealth Program helped me identify my unconscious beliefs about money. This HUGE first step is already allowing me to transform my attitudes and forge a NEW VIEW. It is fabulous and exciting to explore the true meaning of money and cease to be afraid of it! I love Creative Wealth for Women—and I’ll tell everyone I know!

Mary Thieme
Creative Wealth for Women attendee

I rarely use the word amazing. But this class amazed me. You said it would be powerful and it was. I had no idea that finance and freedom could be linked together. But you have given me the possibility to rise above the drudgery of bills and taxes to playing and enjoying money. Sincere thank you.

Daphne Wells
Creative Wealth for Women attendee